If you’ve got it, haunt it

Halloween is right around the corner and we know you’ve already started your “Costume Ideas” Pinterest Board. But don’t be a basic witch this Halloween. Feast your eyes on these quick and easy costume ideas and let the “OH MY GOURD” compliments roll on in. 


Taco Belle

The fast food princess we’ve always dreamed of becoming. You can put this costume together in minutes. Throw on your yellow dress, inflate the Taco Pool Float, and pick up a Crunch Wrap on your way to the party.


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Taco Pool Float

Yellow Dress (Belle Costume)





80’s Workout Super Star

Let’s get your iron pumping. Dust off that old bin of clothes and put them to good use! Life hack: use the cooler to keep drinks cool, or to collect some candy


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Mixtape Beverage Cooler

Wind Breaker Jacket


Bright Colored Leotard

Fanny Pack





Monkey Business

We get it, you’ve spent the last few weeks monkeying around and now don’t have a costume for the Halloween Party. We’re pretty sure you’ll find this idea pretty a-peel-ing.


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Giant Monkey Mask

Dress Pants

Collared Shirt

Briefcase Filled With Bananas (most briefcases and bananas sold separately)





Zombie Mermaid

Zombie apocalypses don’t just happen on land, ya know. Transform yourself into a Zombie Mermaid emerging from the Dead Sea in minutes.


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Dark, ripped clothing





The No Bodies

Grab a group of friends who were also too busy binging Netflix shows to think of a costume, put together this last minute idea, and make no bones about it. #SquadGhouls


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Giant Skull Mask

Black shirt and pants

Printable bones






Holy Guacamole!

Guac n’ roll all night long with this in-saintly easy costume. You’ll be counting your blessings once you see how quickly this comes together.


What you’ll need:

Avocado Pool Float

Angel Wings

Halo Head Band





Paranomal Cat-ivity

This cat had nine lives and is still trying to make a come back. Put your DIY skills to use, make a regular ol’ bed sheet ghost costume, and throw on the Cat Mask.


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Giant Cat Mask

Bed Sheet