7 Fool-Proof April Fool’s Pranks

Practical jokes have some of the deepest roots in our company. In fact, BigMouth evolved from PrankPlace.com, so the heart of what we do is making sure people laugh and smile…maybe even pee a little bit from being doubled over. Here are some fool-proof pranks to get a great reaction from friends, fam, and coworkers.


7.) Crime Scene Tape

Big Mouth 12.14.15-9864

Here’s an easy trick for just about any mark. Our crime scene tape is great for driveways, front doors, and the office. We put 50 feet on a roll so you can section of a sizeable part of your zip code.


6.) Political Toilet Paper

Trump TP GIF
From Obama to Trump, we’ve got a great selection of political tissue for political issues. Replace every roll in the house with this, then sit back and listen for the yelling.


5.) Fake Doody


Everyone blames the dog, so our ultra-realistic Fake Doody will definitely get someone’s blood boiling when placed on fresh carpet. Just don’t ask how we came up with the mould.


4.) Humongous Rubber Duckie

BM1637_Giant_Ducky_Pool 550


This one is a little trickier to pull off, but if you can, it will move you into the “all time greats” conversation at the office. This rubber duckie is huge. In fact, its damn near 7 feet tall. Put it in someone’s office, cube, or car, then inflate it with an air pump. Not only is it ginormous, its a freakin’ rubber duckie. If you’re a prank guru, go even bigger.


3.) Fake Pregnancy Test


Want to see someone’s heart skip a beat (or twenty)? All you have to do is leave this on the edge of a bathroom sink. *lays the mic gently on the floor*


2.) Rude & Insulting Parking Tickets


BM1196-RudeFakeParkingTickets-Prod-2-1600x1600 crop


You’ve seen smog come out of a Volkswagen diesel, but have you ever seen steam come out of someone’s ears? These fake parking tickets are perennial best-sellers for obvious reasons: everyone HATES getting a ticket. Each one has hilarious copy on them, so be sure to go the extra mile and fill it out.


1.) The Floater



Plant it, throw it, roll it…you can’t go wrong with “The Floater”. This prank poop is a hilarious “gag”—even the chunks of corn will gross out unsuspecting victims.


Looking for even more prank ideas? Check out our ever-changing “Pranks” category on our website, and see some of our favorite pranks on YouTube.

-The BigMouth Team