“Props” To the Creatives

We’re always trying to find new ways to people laugh, and creativity is at the core of our fun designs. When other creatives from take their own work to new heights using our products as props, we get all warm and fuzzy inside. Or was that last night’s taco truck meal settling in?

Our products had a great week, being spotted in all sorts of new places. Our famous Tootsie Roll Pool Float appeared in a Saturday Night Live web short with Melissa McCarthy in a spoof on those classic supermarket game shows. It looks like it will become an instant classic, and should surpass 1 million views any moment now.

Our good friends at Target ran a new ad to launch their ’16 swim collection. Our iconic Chocolate Donut,  the new Orange Cream Pop and finally the Watermelon Slice Pool Floats looked great. Of course the big red bullseye is carrying a huge assortment of our floats this season including two exclusives; the cream pop and a cupcake. (mmmmmm cupcaaaaaakes)

Approaching 8m views, Chubbies’ latest apparel ad spot makes good use of the aforementioned Tootsie Roll, Donut, & Pizza Slice Pool Floats. It’s an awesome must-see ad.

Lastly, our perennial best-selling Toilet Mug had a great week, appearing in a DIY tutorial in which a customer adds working plumbing to it (you read that correctly). Comedic actor Louie Anderson then posted the mug from the Baskets set, an FX show headlined by Zach Galifianakis. The mug appeared in a spot for the show in late fall of 2015 and has been a staple of the buzz aroundit. Here’s a picture from Louie’s feed, and that tutorial:

We hope to see more of BigMouth in the wild, but with over 6 billion people creating content 24/7 it is tough to keep track of. So, if you spot us please let us know at media@bigmouthinc.com.

To that, we give props!