National Donut Day

As a kid, you get excited about the usual holidays—Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July (#Murica), etc. But here at BigMouth Inc. we get pumped up about National Donut Day, which is June 3rd, 2016 (just a week away!).

So how did this holiday come about? Believe it or not, it’s not a made-by-social-media holiday. It’s actually a day to commemorate the serving of doughnuts to soldiers battling in the first World War, and was inaugurated in 1938 (kinda dark, right?). Thankfully, when we think of donuts in the modern sense it brings smiles to our faces.

We wanted to share some of our favorite pictures of customers with our donut-themed products leading up to the big day. Even better, many bakeries and fast-food establishments offer free (or discounted) donuts—as if you needed to justify a trip to the donut shop.

  1. Reese Witherspoon with our Giant Donut Pool Float


2. This person’s clever use of our Donut Mug

BigMouth Inc Donut Mug IRL 10

3. Alien moon? Nope, just our new Donut Hole Beach Ball

…at the Hangout Festival, during a set from X-Ambassadors. Over 20 of these tasty pastries ended up being launched into the crowd, but this “sun-like” image shows just what our world revolves around 😉


4. Argentinian model Stephanie Demner has good taste.

The Donut Hole Mug kicked off her day in LA with some java and a donut. Follow her adventures here.

BigMouth Inc Donut Hole Mug IRL 1

5. Donut think that Martin Scorsese will stop using Leo in his movies.


6. Heads up! Our Flying Food Donut is the least messy way to throw your friends a frosted treat. Cool pic from Duckies in Seaside.

DuckiesSeaSide Donut Frisbee

7. Is it too late now to say Strawberry? Shown: Mr. Bieber just chillaxin’.


8. Keeping your drink upright in the sand or water is a top priority at the beach/pool.

These mojitos are extra cool thanks to our Donut Beverage Boats. 

BigMouth Inc Donut Beverage Boats drink floats IRL 1

We hope you enjoy National Donut Day as much as we do, and be sure to keep up with the pastry action on social media using #nationaldonutday.