BigMouth x Hangout Fest

Let’s Hangout…all summer long



Once again we teamed up with the Hangout Festival and their marquee performers to bring unbelievable music festival experiences to life. Our latest video drops you right into the crowd to get an up-close look 3 days of BIG FUN to kick off the summer. Click the picture above or click here to watch it.


Featured artists and BigMouth products in this video:

Charli XCX – Giant Donut Pool Float

Weezer – Giant Swan and Flamingo Pool Float

Shaggy – Wacky Waving Tube Man

Chance the Rapper – Giant 10 foot Beach Ball

Major Lazer – Giant Eyeball Pool Float and Beach Balls

BigMouth Swings Back Versus Counterfeits

Protecting our brand and protecting our valued customers from knockoffs is something we are passionate about. We recently filed two federal lawsuits against counterfeiters claiming to be BigMouth, Inc. and attempting to deceive people into buying an inferior, and potentially unsafe product. Can you spot the counterfeit below, purchased on

IMG_1665 copy

Remember, only buy from an authorized dealer, and contact us if you feel a seller or product’s integrity is in question. Full Press Release below:



With a lack of progress from using’s anti-counterfeiting measures, noted gift and novelty brand files multi-million dollar lawsuits to protect intellectual property, namesake, and consumers from counterfeit sellers.


GLASTONBURY, CT – July 19, 2016. BigMouth Inc. (, a leading manufacturer of novelty products and gifts, today announced the issuance of lawsuits filed against two nefarious sellers of counterfeit goods on By infringing upon various combinations of BigMouth Inc.’s trademarks, copyrights, and patents, sellers “SoloFleet” and “Floating Panda” willfully tricked consumers shopping on into thinking they had purchased genuine BigMouth Inc. products, causing irreparable damage to the brand and its mark. The range of counterfeit products consist of BigMouth Inc.’s famous Giant Donut, Pink Flamingo, and Pineapple inflatable pool floats.

The lawsuits emerge at a time of crisis for well-known brands whose intellectual property and trademarks are being exploited on 3rd party marketplaces such as, eBay, and Alibaba. As recently reported by CNBC, has made it even easier for importers to obtain illicit goods directly from China—a hotbed of counterfeit activity—by registering Amazon fulfillment centers with the Federal Maritime Commission.


BigMouth Inc.’s attempts to contact SoloFleet with Cease and Desist notices citing BigMouth Inc.’s trademark, patent, and copyright documentation were unsuccessful. Similar measures to inform Floating Panda were met with a defiant reply from Matthew McAlister, the claimed CEO, against concrete proof of illicit activity. Despite making the required test purchases from each seller, and proper submission of intellectual property infringement claims, the sellers were permitted to continue sales on In addition, Amazon’s 3rd Party Marketplace—a marketplace for selling on—makes it possible to obscure a seller’s true identity, as well as continue the sale of goods under different aliases. This offers counterfeit sellers additional time and space to conduct illicit transactions.


Amazon in particular offers few tools for intellectual property owners to enact brand protection measures—most of which are ineffective and/or impractical due to the lengths of time that pass until responses from’s staff are provided—of which are notoriously vague or unclear. Further,’s online reporting interface traps brand owners into seemingly endless submit-and-resubmit loops on’s website. These traits are well-noted among Amazon sellers, attracting more sellers to sell on the platform regardless of product integrity or the resulting customer experience. Should a consumer sustain injury from using a counterfeit float, their attempts to contact these sellers would be extremely difficult—quite the opposite of Amazon’s promise of a friction-free shopping experience.


“We spend a tremendous amount of resources on developing unique product, and then registering our IP through the proper channels so we may offer it to the market for resale.” commented Founder and CEO Steve Wampold, “These sellers are knowingly selling an inferior product bearing our likeness, on platforms they know are loosely policed—bypassing the structures designed to conduct good business. Counterfeit goods are not manufactured with the same integrity as a genuine BigMouth product—they are unsafe, unsanitary, and of poor quality. Consumers are tricked into owning these goods, and then the brands are left to clean up the mess.”


Wampold added, “The ripple effects of illicit goods can be devastating. From the salesman at an independent gift store who loses a sale to a counterfeit to our own 20-plus employees—many with families—everyone loses. Even worse, these counterfeit products are not tested or brought into compliance for mass consumption like genuine BigMouth products. Counterfeit goods put innocent people at risk from a safety, health, and economic standpoint.”


Although the damage to BigMouth Inc.’s reputation is beyond repair, the lawsuit seeks $2,000,000.00 per instance of counterfeit BigMouth product. As BigMouth Inc. has a carefully selected network of high-visibility retail partners, the brand urges consumers to alert BigMouth Inc. if they spot a potential counterfeit seller or product at


BigMouth, Inc. is represented by K&L Gates, LLP in the two lawsuits.


Avoid A Bummer this Summer

Remember the phrase “You get what you pay for” ? We at BigMouth wanted to take a few moments to demonstrate this concept with our popular—and oft-imitated—inflatables. When it comes to these knockoffs products, this old rule is absolutely true. We put ours head-to-head with a recent copycat so that you can be in the know while shopping for summer fun.

Let’s start with our best-selling Giant Frosted Donut Pool Float

Designed in 2010, and first made available for sale in 2011, our giant 4 foot float is sized so that A) it’s hilarious B) it’s versatile enough to lay on or cling to and C) it can serve A and B in just about any size pool. Make it too small and you cannot actually float on it (darned buoyancy). Too big, and there is not enough room for anyone else in the pool.

The below knockoff (on the left) from “H2WHOAH!” was deliberately copied—quite recently in fact—by a major retailer. Their donut float could probably keep a paper plate of diet crackers on top of water, but not much else…seriously look at that thing! But you wouldn’t eat the diet crackers because the cheap and horrible chemical smell from their float would make you nauseous.


Did you know that the same company fell in love with another BigMouth best-seller? Our Giant 6 foot (remember that number) Pizza Slice Float was also knocked off. Again, ours was sized to be fun and practical—it makes a great lounger for humans of all sizes. But what if the knockoff version was just “fun-sized”? You know, like the 1/4 of a candy bar you get when trick-or-treating. Let’s be honest—nobody likes 1/4 of anything…even 1/2 for that matter. That isn’t fun, and that isn’t America. Go Big or go home. Here have a look at the H2WHOAH! Pizza float (again, theirs is on the left) versus the BigMouth best-seller:


If your significant other came home from the store and gave you the above “pizza float I saw on Instagram”, after crying, you’d probably wonder what you were going to put on it. Dead grasshoppers from the pool filter? More diet crackers? We’re open to ideas. Meanwhile, BigMouth Customer A is five sips into a tropical drink, and on their way to a killer tan while the other pizza slice sinks to the bottom of the pool.


What’s in the box?


Unboxing anything is usually fun—you get something new and the excitement factor is high. But what if your float wasn’t actually protected in the packaging? You see these knockoff floats are simply stuffed into a box. There’s no protection from the friction of the box, so the print will rub off or could be subjected to additional wear and tear en route from the factory—moisture, shifting, handling, and extreme temperature changes. 


A good analogy is buying a box of cereal. Imagine if you opened that box of delicious Lucky Charms and found out there was no plastic bag protecting the cereal bits. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and don’t bother trying to patch the knockoff float if Fido accidentally jumps on it—no patch kit is included. We know that crap happens, and for that reason all BigMouth floats come with a patch kit so you can extend the life of your inflatable if things get a little too crazy.

Below is a recent television commercial featuring those knockoff floats. Did you notice that no one is actually using them? Hmm. Have you ever seen a commercial for a product that is being completely ignored?


They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. OK, there’s some merit to that, but we want our customers to be the envy of the pool/beach/lake—not the victim of a copycat. That means bigger floats, better designs, higher quality, and the highest level of integrity from our hands to yours. Consider yourself up-to-speed!

Related: Are you concerned about the authenticity of a product? See our post about counterfeit BigMouth products here.

Have a great summer!

-The BigMouth Team

New Video from the Hangout


Each spring BigMouth Inc heads down to the Gulf Shores in Alabama for the Hangout Music Festival. This year’s festival was an event like no other thanks to the combination of Hangout’s lineup (always A-list and cutting edge acts) and giant inflatables from yours truly for the crowd to enjoy.

This video drops you into the crowd as only BigMouth can, letting you get a feel for the fun time everyone has at the Hangout.

Products shown:

Giant Ice Pop Pool Float
Giant Funky Flower Pool Float
Giant 7 foot Inflatable Rubber Duck
Giant Rubber Duckie Pool Float
Giant 10 foot tall Inflatable Pink Flamingo
Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float
Giant Eyeball Beach Ball
Giant White Swan Pool Float
Giant Black Swan Pool Float

Other products featured at the festival:

Giant Donut Hole Beach Ball
Giant Frosted Donut Pool Float
Giant Toilet Pool Float
Giant Pizza Beach Ball
Giant 10 foot Beach Ball

Music Credit: “When You See Me Hurt” by Atom Age. They are awesome, so please download the track in this video here ->


-The BigMouth Team

Well done, Dad.

Drinkin’ & Boozin’ Dad

Pops is a hard working man (we hope). He deserves a drink or ten every now and then. We’ve picked out a few of the best items to give Dad for all of his boozin’ needs:



The World’s Largest Beer Glass

A beer glass crafted for The World’s Greatest Dads. Don’t limit dad to drinking one beer at a timethis glass fits 4 beers. 48 ounces of pure hoppiness.


The Big Swig

The Big Swig Super Flask

A big flask for the big guy. Don’t make him suffer through anymore painful events: weddings, family picnics, graduations, the line at the DMV, etc, without one of these by his side. 2 gallons is just enough to get him through the next time Mom forces him to go grocery shopping with her.


Grillin’ & Chillin’ Dad

You have to admit, Dad grills up a perfect rib-eye when he channels his inner Bobby Flay. But standing in front of that flaming grill on a scorching July afternoon is not as easy as he may make it look. Here are some gifts to make life by the grill a little more chill:


Grill Sergeant 285x285

The Grill Sergeant Apron

Dad only has so much space out there, and only two hands. And he tries to avoid having Mom’s help because she ALWAYS asks to put zucchini or other veggies on there. Sorry Mom but zucchini on the grill means less room for the MEATS, and that just won’t do. The Grill Sergeant Apron comes with multiple compartments for his grilling utensils, condiments, and even for a six pack of cold ones (essential).


The Inflatabuffet

Now – the chillin’ part. What’s a good summer BBQ without a macaroni/potato salad? Get Dad this inflatable buffet to make sure he has everything he needs to compliment his perfectly cooked burgers. And might we add, its a perfect way to keep the precious beers nice and chilled.


Huntin’ & Fishin’ Dad

If his happy place is in the middle of a forest or on his boat in the lake, then these gifts will certainly make him grin from deer to deer.



Gone Fishin’ Coffee Mug

You can’t expect Dad to have a good day fishing if he doesn’t start his morning off with a coffee.


Shotgun Shell Bottle Opener

A bottle opener that makes shotgun sound effects? Yeah, this is a winner. Anything that makes opening beers easier is going to make Dad happier.


Tailgatin’ Dad

For the Dads that love sportswhether they’re actually at the game tailgating, or sitting on the couch watching. Don’t get a penalty this Father’s Day by only getting him a card because “he already has everything he needs”. We are pretty confident that he NEEDS these things so just get ‘em.


Giant Football Stadium Inflatable Serving Bar

If Dad could have married football & beer, he probably would have. Make sure his beers stay cold but his tailgate area stays lookin’ sharp. After all, he is the man.


Bottoms Up! Football Beer Mug

Game day never looked so good. This 18 ounce mug is just what your Dad needs when he’s making sure the couch doesn’t run away.

Happy Father’s Day!

-The BigMouth Team

National Donut Day

As a kid, you get excited about the usual holidays—Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July (#Murica), etc. But here at BigMouth Inc. we get pumped up about National Donut Day, which is June 3rd, 2016 (just a week away!).

So how did this holiday come about? Believe it or not, it’s not a made-by-social-media holiday. It’s actually a day to commemorate the serving of doughnuts to soldiers battling in the first World War, and was inaugurated in 1938 (kinda dark, right?). Thankfully, when we think of donuts in the modern sense it brings smiles to our faces.

We wanted to share some of our favorite pictures of customers with our donut-themed products leading up to the big day. Even better, many bakeries and fast-food establishments offer free (or discounted) donuts—as if you needed to justify a trip to the donut shop.

  1. Reese Witherspoon with our Giant Donut Pool Float


2. This person’s clever use of our Donut Mug

BigMouth Inc Donut Mug IRL 10

3. Alien moon? Nope, just our new Donut Hole Beach Ball

…at the Hangout Festival, during a set from X-Ambassadors. Over 20 of these tasty pastries ended up being launched into the crowd, but this “sun-like” image shows just what our world revolves around 😉


4. Argentinian model Stephanie Demner has good taste.

The Donut Hole Mug kicked off her day in LA with some java and a donut. Follow her adventures here.

BigMouth Inc Donut Hole Mug IRL 1

5. Donut think that Martin Scorsese will stop using Leo in his movies.


6. Heads up! Our Flying Food Donut is the least messy way to throw your friends a frosted treat. Cool pic from Duckies in Seaside.

DuckiesSeaSide Donut Frisbee

7. Is it too late now to say Strawberry? Shown: Mr. Bieber just chillaxin’.


8. Keeping your drink upright in the sand or water is a top priority at the beach/pool.

These mojitos are extra cool thanks to our Donut Beverage Boats. 

BigMouth Inc Donut Beverage Boats drink floats IRL 1

We hope you enjoy National Donut Day as much as we do, and be sure to keep up with the pastry action on social media using #nationaldonutday.



Let’s Hangout

hangout logo

When you combine music, the beach, and BigMouth you are pretty much guaranteed a great time. This weekend we take over the Gulf Shores in Alabama to show the world what its like to be a BigMouth. The musical lineup is amazing, the scenery is incredible, and the inflatables will be bountiful. Check out the details here, and be on the lookout for some pictures via our Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter feeds. See you on the beach!



The mother of all Mother’s Day gift ideas

If you’re anything like us, your mom/mum/mother/ma/mommy can appreciate a good laugh. We’ve assembled 8 great Mother’s Day gift ideas so you can make her smile from ear to ear—right before she begs you to hook up “the internets” and have a look at “the Facebooks”.

Without further adieu…


8.) Crazy Cat Lady Mug


This mug is both a hint AND a gift.

7.) World’s Largest Wine Glass



They say one glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away (ours happens to hold 3 whole bottles, so what?).

6.) Classic TV Mug Gift Set

There’s a spot in mom’s heart reserved for people she loves. Sadly for you, this is no longer your spot—it belongs to these nostalgic and iconic television characters from Cheers, The Love Boat, and Mork & Mindy.

5.) Flower Beverage Boats


This floral spread is sure to put a smile on her face. Especially if its filled with the good stuff. Pack of 3!

4.) Game of Gnomes

BigMouth Inc Game of Gnomes Game of Thrones Garden Gnome IRL 2

We can all agree on one thing: the Game of Thrones Season 6 premier was INSANE. Approximately 1 in 35 people in the US watched it. Chances are, Mom liked it too.

3.) The Prescription Mug


Prescription Mug Hand 550



2.) Funky Flower Pool Float


Flowers on Mother’s Day is a given, right? Think outside of the bouquet with this HUMONGOUS float—just in time for swim season.

1.) The Before 5 / After 5 Wine Glass


It takes a special lady—and a special sauce—to put up with kids like yourself. Thank her with the first 2-in-1 for the mom who needs a little mood alteration to get through the day.

For more ideas, check out our gift finder and get inspired. (Its the least you could do after mom carried you for 9 months, right?)

-The BigMouth Team

Funny, Business

Let’s get this out of the way—being a part of the BigMouth operation is a lot of fun. Behind the scenes, we have the task of bringing you laughter like nobody else. Although our products are outrageous in nature, the process of getting them from our heads to your hands is all business.  Have a look at what makes BigMouth tick, and how we get you to smile when you see one of our confetti covered boxes.

Behind the Scenes at BigMouth Inc
What are you waiting for? Click to watch!