Top 5 Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and spoil the person who has been your #1 Fan after all of the ridiculous things you’ve done. Nothing says “Please forgive me for all those times I put dish soap in the dishwasher” like these 5 BigMouth Inc gifts.



Wine for Mom Wine Bottle Glass

Mom deserves ALL the wine for everything she puts up with. With her new Wine Bottle Glass, she can get the R&R she deserves at home…ya know, since “Bring Your Wine to Work Day” has not been established yet.




Island Oasis Pool Float

Alright, get out of the candle store – you’re going to get a headache. Turns out, you CAN get Mom her own island.  She’ll be so happy with her 4ft slice of paradise that she won’t even care that you forgot to get her a card…again. Remember to be a doll and pump it up for her too!




Bottomless Mimosa Glass

Moms share everything with us: recipes, tips, their lunch, how their hair dresser is doing. But on Mother’s Day, Mom deserves to have something just for herself. Grab the champagne bottle(s), fill up the Bottomless Mimosa Glass for her and step up your brunch game.




Ring for More Wine Glass

“What is that ringing in my ear?!” That’s just Mom saying she’s low on wine and about to get cranky, so get to pourin’. With the Ring for More Wine Glass, Mom will never run low on red.




Queen of Everything Mug

Mom is the OG Queen and should be treated like it every day, not just on Mother’s Day. Sure she can sit there in her royal robe (housecoat) and shiny crown (hair mask) all day long, but this mug will really make her feel like a royalty.



Happy Mother’s Day from the BigMouth Inc Fam

The Oh-So-Extra Guide to Cinco de Mayo


Us BigMouths consider one-upsmanship one of the four major sports (along with the NBA, NFL, and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest). But the key to inner-circle dominance is going extra when there is 👏 absolutely 👏 no 👏 reason 👏 to.


Thus, we believe a healthy dose of extra on Cinco de Mayo is the perfect way to catch your amigos by surprise. Historical importance aside, it’s day number five in the fifth month of the year, and except for an occasional Happy Hour special at your Chili-bee’s 99-uesday, there’s not a lot going on. Let’s “BigMouth” your day and assert your position atop the group chat:


5/5/18 – 5:45 am


Skip the steel cut oatmeal. No seriously, it’s horrible. You’re just pretending you like you love it (“OMG Becca it’s sooooooo fiber-y 😐”). You know exactly how you want to start your Saturday (bonus points to the Gregorian Calendar Association for Cinco de Mayo landing on a Saturday). It’s time for a Margarita. See the pic below? This lady is doing it right…the SUN. ISN’T. EVEN. UP. YET. and she’s going extra with a Margarita in her hand, and one keeping her afloat. Not all heroes wear capes. OK now wake everyone up for bragging rights. ✔ Phase 1 complete.



5/5/18 – 11:29 am


Because you went the extra mile, you had to take a lil’ snooze for sayyyy, 4 or 5 hours. It’s almost the crack of noon, so it’s time to pack your lunch because you and the amigos/amigas are headed down to the park for lunch in the center of town. We’re going for extra here, so you’ve got to put it all in a Taco Truck Lunch Tote. ✔ Phase 2 complete. Items to pack:

  • sunscreen
  • phone charger w/battery pack
  • food (aka 4 more margaritas—salt, cups, mix, etc)
  • chips n’ salsa
  • hummus sour cream
  • ice pack



5/5/18 – 2:30 pm


So you listened to the mariachi band, bought raffle tickets from some kid, and housed a delicious liquid lunch. Now the sun is beating down relentlessly. Here’s where you knock down the rest of the pins—you and crew come back to the water for a poolside plot twist: you’ve already got floats in the pool for the squad for the pool par-tay.  Because you’re handing out an extra beatdown, you get first pick and the Piñata Pool Float. Your Margarita Float from this morning’s extra goes under compadre 1, while the Giant Taco is for compadre 2. They don’t get to pick because this is your fiesta, and you’ll llorar if you want to, damnit.

Oh, but wait—there’s more. Let’s amplify the extra with a little…extra. Your buds need to keep their “spirits afloat” with a Beverage Boat for those mid-afternoon frozen dranks.

✔ Phase 3 complete



5/5/18 – ?? pm


Here’s the part where your fiesta turns into a siesta, and you have no clue if the sun is going up or down. “Kerry—where are we? Did I miss the Impractical Jokers marathon?”. You check your newsfeed and camera roll to see what the heck happened. Thankfully no authority figures were involved, but it got a little nuts. All that productivity sure works up an appetite. Get inside and prep some epic nachos. Not sure where to start?



5/5/18 – 10:30 pm – midnight


“What? You want to go to bed NOW? But we’re just starting to get extra!” Here’s the pico de gallo on top of your awesome sauce—the essential Cinco de Mayo playlist. Sure, your friends are passed out on the couch, but the party must go on. It’s time to photobomb ’em and drown out the sound of your blender with some honest to goodness authentic Mexican background music.



Now when Sunday rolls around, be sure to take some extra time to recover. Olé!


Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway

Are you ready to be a det-EGG-tive? Starting on Monday, March 19th through Friday, March 23rd, we will be hosting the most EP-EGG Easter Egg Hunt, filled with prizes and yeah, a ton of egg puns (sorry not sorry).

Playing is easy!

Step 1: Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Each day on our social pages, we will be posting a picture of the egg that you must find. Example:


Step 2: Head over to our website to start the hunt! The winning egg will be hiding with the prize that is up for grabs that day. Search for eggs by hovering over the product images within our “New Products” category. Watch out for the cracked eggs! Example:





Step 3: When you see the winning egg, click it and enter to win.



We told ya it was easy! Check back each weekday for a new winning egg and new prize.



Spring Breaking 101

Listen up smartypants! The best week of the entire school year is here. Whether you’re hittin’ the beaches, lounging on the lake, or just relaxing in your backyard, make sure you’re taking us with you.  We don’t need to lecture you on the importance of bringing BigMouth Pool Floats with you on Spring Break. We do however, think you should brush up on these courses and see what’s new:


Marine Biology

You know what they say, SEA’S GET DEGREES, AMIRIGHT?


Featured Pool Floats: Anchor, XL Shark, XL Octopus, Starfish, Seahorse, Whale Shark, Jellyfish





They may not be real, but they’re real freakin’ fun

Featured Pool Floats: Balloon Animal, Unicorn, Angel Wings



Culinary 101

Just some food for thought

Featured Pool Floats: Penny Candy, Purple Donut, Watermelon Slice, Cotton Candy, Double Cherries, Pink Heart Donut



Natural Sciences

An entire ecosystem coming to a pool near you

Featured Pool Floats: Red Butterfly, T-Rex, Blue Butterfly, Palm Tree, Parrot, Rainbow




Now let’s test out your problem solving skills:

If Sarah is in the pool and is applying sunscreen with one hand, taking a selfie with the other, what is she going to use to hold her drink?


Beverage Boats

Featured Beverage Boats: Unicorn, Mermaid, Palm Tree, Penny Candy, Piñata, Sail Boat, Banana





Pop quiz question: Which giant, microfiber blankets are known for marking one’s territory on a crowded beach?


Answer: all of the above.

Featured Beach Blankets: Cotton Candy, Banana, Avocado, Popcorn, Cocktail, Peace Fingers, Hot Dog, Ice Pop, Shark, Buttered Toast, Sushi, Rainbow Could, Toaster Tart



Alright, that’s enough studying for one day. Take a break for a week, have some fun, and worry about failing Modern History another day.

The 12 Days of BigMouth Giveaways

Ready or not, gift giving season is here!



We know that finding that perfect present for someone isn’t always merry and bright. But don’t get your candy canes in a bunch, we’re here to help!


From December 1st until December 18th, we will be giving away BigMouth Inc gifts on our social media pages 👏every 👏single 👏weekday. If you want to win some great gifts for your family & friends (or even for yourself) 😉, simply follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, check out our dead-simple rules, and a random lucky winner will be chosen every week day. EASY!


For the love of all things holly, make sure you’re following us on social media!







Happy Holidays from the BigMouth Inc Team

If you’ve got it, haunt it

Halloween is right around the corner and we know you’ve already started your “Costume Ideas” Pinterest Board. But don’t be a basic witch this Halloween. Feast your eyes on these quick and easy costume ideas and let the “OH MY GOURD” compliments roll on in. 


Taco Belle

The fast food princess we’ve always dreamed of becoming. You can put this costume together in minutes. Throw on your yellow dress, inflate the Taco Pool Float, and pick up a Crunch Wrap on your way to the party.


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Taco Pool Float

Yellow Dress (Belle Costume)





80’s Workout Super Star

Let’s get your iron pumping. Dust off that old bin of clothes and put them to good use! Life hack: use the cooler to keep drinks cool, or to collect some candy


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Mixtape Beverage Cooler

Wind Breaker Jacket


Bright Colored Leotard

Fanny Pack





Monkey Business

We get it, you’ve spent the last few weeks monkeying around and now don’t have a costume for the Halloween Party. We’re pretty sure you’ll find this idea pretty a-peel-ing.


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Giant Monkey Mask

Dress Pants

Collared Shirt

Briefcase Filled With Bananas (most briefcases and bananas sold separately)





Zombie Mermaid

Zombie apocalypses don’t just happen on land, ya know. Transform yourself into a Zombie Mermaid emerging from the Dead Sea in minutes.


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Dark, ripped clothing





The No Bodies

Grab a group of friends who were also too busy binging Netflix shows to think of a costume, put together this last minute idea, and make no bones about it. #SquadGhouls


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Giant Skull Mask

Black shirt and pants

Printable bones






Holy Guacamole!

Guac n’ roll all night long with this in-saintly easy costume. You’ll be counting your blessings once you see how quickly this comes together.


What you’ll need:

Avocado Pool Float

Angel Wings

Halo Head Band





Paranomal Cat-ivity

This cat had nine lives and is still trying to make a come back. Put your DIY skills to use, make a regular ol’ bed sheet ghost costume, and throw on the Cat Mask.


What you’ll need:

BigMouth Inc Giant Cat Mask

Bed Sheet


National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day! A day that was made up to reflect on our favorite morning essential. Here at BigMouth Inc, we know that your coffee is only as good as the mug it comes in. Each new mug holds 20 oz of freshly brewed java that will get you through any work meeting, test, or DMV trip.


There are two types of people in this world: morning people and “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” people. The Mornings Suck Coffee Mug and The Mornings Blow Coffee Mug are here to drown those morning blues away.



Nothing like some positive vibes to start off your morning. The new Peace, Love, and Coffee Mug has a peace sign handle that is tie dye for.




Feeling that afternoon crash? Don’t worry, The Coffee Coonoisaur Coffee Mug will keep you from being a dino-snore.




Marac-n-roll every morning with the new Vida Mocha Coffee Mug. Yes, the maraca actually works. And yes, you’ll have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.




This one is for the Queen of Caffeine, and everything else. Take a sip of the royal roast and conquer the morning with the Queen of Everything Coffee Mug.




We don’t mean to TOOT our own HORN but this mug is magical. With the new Unicorn Farts Coffee Mug, you can taste the magic of coffee in every sip.




Happy #NationalCoffeeDay from the BigMouth Inc Team


Tailgating Hacks



Hosting your own tailgate party is a great idea but it can get out of hand quickly—you have to take care of set up, the food, clean up—and still try to enjoy the game. Well, you came to the right blog post. Jot down these tailgating hacks and you’ll be the parking lot hero.


Set Up



No one has the time to secure down a bunch of table cloths during set up. Grab a fitted twin bed sheet from your linen closet—it will fit perfectly over a folding table. Now you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing your plastic table cloth all over the place. Even better, you can throw it in the wash once you’re home and use it for the next tailgate.




You’d be surprised with how many little things come in handy at a tailgate. Find a clear hanging shoe organizer to store miscellaneous things while making them easy to find. You can fill it with cups, sunscreen, cell phones, and any other little things that you might not have room for on the food table. After the fun ends, just roll it up.




Labeling your coolers just makes sense—people fumbling over coolers are gonna melt the ice! Now, peeps looking to crush a cold brew don’t have to rummage through the soda or meats cooler.



Eat Up

Take a page from the BigMouth playbook and make sure your decor is festive AND practical. With our Inflatable Buffets, you don’t have to chose between the two. These buffets are a breeze to set up. Just inflate, fill with ice and food, and party on. Once you’re done, just wipe it clean, and tuck it away for the next game—both of them deflated & folded could easily fit in a small backpack.




We all have that one friend who just neeeeeds to bring a six pack of their absurdly-named-craft-beer-from-Brooklyn to every event. Let them sip their weird cucumber spice IPA and save the box—it’ll hold your condiments, utensils, and napkins. The handle will make it easy to pass around these essentials.




Tacos are great for game day fuel. Give your guests some portable food options like these “Walking Tacos.” This way, your guests don’t get hangry when they’re mingling with their friends or playing games. It also makes clean up nice n’ easy for you.


Clean Up




If your tailgate is a neat and tidy sit down brunch YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. Between the saucy foods and games (ok, ok an occasional keg stand), you’re bound to get your hands dirty. Setting up a hand-washing station like this one will keep you from getting barbecue sauce all over the cooler lids. Instructions are here, and you can basically pull this off for FREE.


Thumbs Up


What’s worse than your team losing on game day? A WARM SWEATY BEER THAT’S WHAT. Having a bunch of Drink Koolers handy will help to keep your drinks cool and your hands dry. You can rep your team colors, even if they’re on pace to finish 0-16.


Don’t feel like you have to throw a Hail Mary pass to have a successful tailgate. The BigMouth Team is always here to help you have a good time!



Top 10 Drone Photos

It’s no surprise that people love using BigMouth Inc products to amp up their selfie game. In fact, if you search “#poolfloat” on Instagram, you’ll get over 90,000 hits. But some thrill seekers take it all the way up and we can’t get enough of it. These accounts grabbed our floats, trashed the selfie stick, and shot some epic drone adventures. 


BigMouth in Paradise


Cheat Day


Fowl Play

always a good time with the swans! check out @bigmouthinc for all your pool gear

A post shared by EXPLORER·KOOK·MEDIA INFLUENCER (@christianlongnecker) on


Field O’ Donuts

Just a girl and her donuts.

A post shared by Austin Novy (@austinnovy_) on


The Donut Dive

The judges votes are in: 🔟🔟🔟 a perfect donut dive 🍩

A post shared by BigMouth Inc. (@bigmouthinc) on


Vitamin Sea


Energy Saving Mode

Cheat Day in Laguna Beach with @asenseofhuber 🍩🐷. This is a perfect example of when spur of the moment trips turn into something really fun! Last Thursday the awesome Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber) asked if I’d ever been to #LagunaBeach before. It’s been high on the bucket list since watching #TheOC as a kid. After some exciting meetings on Friday I headed south for a 16hr sunset to sunrise adventure in #OrangeCounty 😎. We met up with the legendary @travisburkephotography, @erubes1 and @waterproject for a jam packed evening and morning hitting up all the cool #SoCal spots ☀️. Kyle & Seth (@waterproject) have been creating some really inspiring drone content with inflatables so we thought we’d do something fun at Crescent Bay Beach. After getting out of the #Donut the guys told me about a number of Great White Shark spottings that have happened off these coasts in the last few weeks ahhhh 😱🙈🦈. I’d highly recommend you check out all the guys I mentioned above, really inspirational content creators 🤙🏽. (🎥: @waterproject, 💻: Edited by @asenseofhuber, 🎶: “Don’t You Feel It” by @subfocus) #BDTeam.

A post shared by TOM JAUNCEY (@tomjauncey) on


The Perfect Slice


Keepin’ it Cool

💦🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸💦 📸 by @WaterProject #IndependenceDay

A post shared by Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber) on


When Sharks Crave Donuts


We want to see your BigMouth Inc drone photos so be sure to tag us on Instagram –  @bigmouthinc

BigMouth x Hangout Fest

Let’s Hangout…all summer long



Once again we teamed up with the Hangout Festival and their marquee performers to bring unbelievable music festival experiences to life. Our latest video drops you right into the crowd to get an up-close look 3 days of BIG FUN to kick off the summer. Click the picture above or click here to watch it.


Featured artists and BigMouth products in this video:

Charli XCX – Giant Donut Pool Float

Weezer – Giant Swan and Flamingo Pool Float

Shaggy – Wacky Waving Tube Man

Chance the Rapper – Giant 10 foot Beach Ball

Major Lazer – Giant Eyeball Pool Float and Beach Balls