Holiday Survival Guide

The Holiday Season is right around the corner. While the Holidays are great (the most wonderful time of the year in fact) doing the same thing every year can get a little old.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

No Holiday is going to go smoothly if you don’t start the morning off with a cup of coffee. The new BigMouth Inc Holiday Color Changing Mugs are a great way to put you in a festive mood right from the start. If the Holidays just aren’t for you, that’s ok too, we’ve got the perfect “Bah Hum Mug”.

BM1784-ColorChanging-GingerBreadMug-Prod-After-new-FOR-WEB-ONLY BM1782-SantaColorChangingMug-After-FOR-WEB-ONLY-550BM1783-SnowmanHeatChangingMug-Prod-HR-FOR-WEB-ONLY-550BM1786-BahHumMug-Prod-HR-FOR-WEB-ONLY-550

Hosting a Holiday get together at your place? Cooking, setting up, and cleaning can get hectic. The new BigMouth Inc Can Safes are a big help when it comes to concealing random things that you don’t want to leave out for everyone to see. It’s perfect to hide money, your secret stash of candy, or even the key to the spare room: You know, that one room that acts as a dumping ground for all the mess that was around the rest of the house.


For some people, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a drink bright n’ early on Thanksgiving while the turkey is roasting. However, Grammy might think otherwise and give you a dirty look. But if Grammy can’t see the beer that’s hidden by your BigMouth Inc Can Wraps or the wine that you just poured from your BigMouth Inc Sunscreen Flask, then she can’t scold you, right? You’re welcome.

BigMouthInc Sunscreen Flask IRL7 bm1436-product-main

Then there comes a time during the day where everyone is ready to have some of Mom’s Caramel Apple Sangria that she found on Pinterest, of course. But by the time you finish your first glass and go up for the second, the sangria is already gone. If only you had a BigMouth Inc Wine Bottle Glass when you went up the first time, you’d have a whole wine bottle full of Sangria.


Now that everyone is stuffed from dinner and has had a few drinks in them, it’s time to have a little fun. BigMouth Inc Butt Putt is a game that will make everyone in the family laugh. Set up a BigMouth Inc Potty Piano in the bathroom for everyone to take a turn and play some tunes while they’re taking care of business.  Want to keep the laughs going? Grab a BigMouth Inc Le Tooter to pull a good old prank on someone who ate a little too much.


The Holiday season can get a little stale. But with this survival kit, you’ll be able to spread some funny Holiday cheer to everyone around you.

Happy Holidays from The BigMouth Team!