BOO! Creepin’ It Real

Summer came & went, and Halloween will be here before you know it. You can say “I’m not going to procrastinate this year” all you want, but you know that when October 30th comes around, you’re going to be scrambling to find an epic costume idea. We’ve got you covered with awesome costume and decoration ideas that’ll make you the official Halloween Hero.




The “Dunkin’ Donut”
What you’ll need:


  • Strawberry Frosted Donut Pool Float
  • Basketball Jersey

With hoops season just around the corner (and donut season, which is 365 days long BTW), you can tip off the party in style. MVP!


The “Emoji Convo”
What you’ll need:



Cut the foam board in the shape of a text message bubble, then paint each one a different color. Cut out holes in each piece, put on an emoji mask, then pop your head through the hole. No iOS updated needed. 😜😍💩😂


The “Best Fur-iends”
What you’ll need:


The purrfect idea if you and your main witch are still looking for a quick and awesome costume idea.


The “Dogtors”
What you’ll need:



Let everyone know it’s been a ruff day in the O.R. Even better, your co-pay is just some table scraps.

The “Lion King”
What you’ll need:


The king of the jungle can also be the king of the party. Hakuna Martinis.


The “Vegan’s Worst Nightmare”
What you’ll need:



If you really want to get into character, stand in a fast food joint for a few minutes to absorb some of the “aroma”.


The “Gill-ty Criminal”
What you’ll need:



“The Duck Norris”
What you’ll need:

rubber duckie mask 550

Some terrible one-liners*extra points for driving a gray 1995 Dodge Ram and spin-kicking outlaws




Tiny Hands
Give your guests a good laugh (or a good scare) with these. Everyone will literally LOL with every hand shake. Let them float around in the punch bowl or stick them into the dirt outside to freak out the guests.


Crime Scene Tape
Turn your boring yard into a creepy crime scene with one easy step. And with 50 ft of crime scene tape per roll, you can block off as many sections in the house that you want—especially that man-cave you haven’t finished.


Eyeball Beach Ball
Keep an eye on all of your guests. Place them around the house or give them to the kids to play with outside. This 20 inch beach ball will give your home the fun and eerie vibe for the party.



Your pumpkin and haystack arrangement in the garden looks great, but it needs some character. Or should we say, characters. I introduce to you: The Vampire Garden Gnome, Billy Bones, and Skinless Sarah. The perfect way to greet your guests & trick-or-treaters.


Sir Skully Mug
A Halloween essential. The BigMouth Inc. Sir Skully Mug can be used to set the mood for any ghostly get together. Use it as a centerpiece, put some chocolate dipped pretzel rods in there, or put some out for your guests to use for the Halloween Hot Chocolate Bar.


Take it easy on the boo’s this year, will ya?!

MVT: Most Valuable Tailgate

The Set Up

It’s all about the presentation. You don’t want just any old boring tailgating area. Pick up some of these Tailgating essentials and you’ll be the MVP MVT of the parking lot.


Football Inflatable Cooler & Football Stadium Inflatable Salad Bar

BM1753-Football-Drink-Cooler BM1752_football_stadium

Let’s face it: traditional coolers don’t look very exciting and take up a ton of space when the game is over. This dynamic football duo is the perfect way to keep food and drinks cool while still keeping your tailgating area looking festive.


Grill Sergeant Apron


“Not all heroes wear capes.” The grill master is the unsung hero of the tailgate. It takes skill, determination, focus, and most of all a great apron. The Grill Sergeant Apron is fully equipped with multiple compartments for your utensils, condiments, and an entire six-pack of course. It even has a handy bottle opener at-the-ready.


Naughty Pigs Salt & Pepper Shakers


Those lame-o salt and pepper packets are a mess and the basic black and white shakers are BORING. Give everyone at the tailgating party a good laugh with these two porkin’ pigs. They’ll go great with the pulled pork sandwiches you just whipped up.


The Drink Up

Tailgating & beer go together like burgers and bacon. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite ways to drink up before the big game.


Bottoms Up! Football Beer Mug


A Game Day staple. Simply pour in 18 oz. of your favorite brew, watch as it fills the football shape, and chug.


The Football Drink Kooler


Is there anything better in this world than a beer that is being protected by it’s trusty football shaped companion? Absolutely not. We highly advise you to refrain from spiking it, but a perfectly rehearsed endzone dance is always welcome.


The Red Cup Drink Kooler


Ah the Red Cup: a classic Game Day icon. But man, does beer get warm in there quick. The solution? The BigMouth Inc. Red Cup Drink Kooler.


The Beast Giant Fist Drink Kooler

beast_koozie_red_550 beast_koozie_green_550 beast_koozie_blue-wall_550 BM1538_beast_fist_koozie

No one is going to mess with anyone drinking from a giant Beast Fist. And with 4 different colors, you can support your team while sippin’ on your fav brew.


The Prescription Drink Kooler


Because Doc said so.


The Beer Mitt

BigMouthInc-Beer Mit - IRL1

If there is one thing you don’t want to forget at home this tailgating season (other than the beer), it’s The BigMouth Inc. Beer Mitt. Even on the coldest day of the year, you’re going to want a nice, cold beer right?

Hut, hut, HIKE!